knock knock

knock knock jokes have come to our house.  here are two favorites!

Nico’s Favorite

Nico: Knock, knock!  Who’s there?  Bunny!

Andy: Bunny who?

Nico: Eats carrots!

Mabel’s Favorite

Mabel: Knock, knock!

Andy:  Who’s there?

Mabel: Little old lady.

Andy: Little old lady who?

Mabel: Where did you learn to yodel like that?!

One thought on “knock knock

  1. Nana Knock! Knock!
    Mabel Who’s there?
    Nana Boo!
    Mabel Boo-hoo!
    Nana Oh, Mabel please don’t cry!

    Nana Knock knock!
    Nico Who’s there?
    Nana Kanga
    Nico Kanga who?
    Nana Kanga roo!


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