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dec 08 020

a few years ago i was taking to a friend about my work as a mama.  i said it was like i was the novice master in a monastery.  mine was the job to make sure these children learned the customs of the house, learned to heed the seasons and keep the feasts and fasts, learned to pray and to work.   and it still seems like such an apt metaphor for my work as a homeschooler and my wider work as a mother.

here are the ways our family observes Advent, the life-giving ways we have found to welcome the new one in our midst.  these practices are particular to our season of life: a family with young.  but i hope you can find patterns–ways of opening yourself to the circle of the year as the days darken.

the light is coming.  watch!

as you read through the thirty-one posts of keeping Advent, you’ll have time to ponder and gather, time to remember and prepare!

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let’s start at the very beginning–the feast of St Andrew

dancing with God–the work of Gertrud Mueller Nelson

growing light–the Advent wreath

way leads on to way–the Way of Light wreath

sabbath rest

my favorite feast of the year–the feast of St Nicolas

pregnant–the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

jam + toast–the feast of St Lucy

counting the days–Advent calendar

a book for every day 

24 books in 24 days–The Nativity by Julie Vivas

sabbath rest

24 books in 24 days–Night Tree by Eve Bunting

24 books in 24 days–Holly and Ivy by Rumor Godden

24 books in 24 days–Tomie dePaola’s Book of Christmas Carols

celebrate :: a giveaway!

open your heart :: music together

books that help

sabbath rest

hope springs :: the jesse tree

coloring as a spiritual practice

preparing a place :: decluttering

preparing a place :: the calendar

preparing a place :: margin

preparing a place :: one thing

sabbath rest

atmosphere is an education :: reverence and gratitude

two helps + three ways

circle of the sun :: the church year

our last day :: links to other great 31 Day reads

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